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The Leader's Coach

Feb 15, 2018

How does a leader keeping the culture optimistic, big picture and forward thinking? When the company is growing, how can one impart a healthy sense of urgency in the team. What methods in task management and goal setting are useful for the leader? When taking the initial risks when launching a company, positive thinking keeps you pushing the company forward and making decisions. That feeling may begin to fade after the capital raise was complete. How can a leader  push with the optimistic fervor that grew the company after that all important step was completed?

Synthesis CEO Bobbie Goheen is expert in focusing top-management dynamics on a shared vision, specific goals and creative collaborations to achieve them. She has done this for Fortune 100 corporations, clients large and small and across a range of enterprises here and abroad. Frequently called to speak on Leadership and Organizational Culture she can be reached at

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